Vision/Mission/Core Value

Vision/Mission/Core Value


  •  Influencing a better future


  1. To provide higher-level education in Agro-Industry field for students with the emphasis on achieving academic excellence to international standards
  2. To produce high quality researches to support standards of teaching, learning and technology transfer for the social and economic development of the region and the country
  3. To provide academic services for the communities in the Northern Region and the country as a whole, to support the demand of the industrial development on local food.
  4. To Preserve and nurture our religious and cultural heritage, and develop the resources of the unique natural environment of Northern Thailand
  5. To develop the faculty's administration systems and management under the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy while aiming at Sustainable Development
  6. To cooperate and perfectly share the mutual benefits between the faculty and other organizations, both from government or private business clusters, the alumni association, the art, cultural or religious organizations and local communities.

Core Value

  • Growth mindset
  • Responsibility
  • Outstanding innovation
  • Wisdom

Organizational culture

  • Determination and Dedication